Jawad M. Hashim: Biography

JMHJawad M. Hashim was born in Iraq in 1938. He obtained his Master’s degree and Doctorate in Economics and Statistics from the London School of Economics, University of London in 1966. After a brief involvement in academic work in Iraq, he was appointed Minister of National Economic Planning in 1968 (when the Baath Party took over power). Between 1968 and 1977, He served Iraq as Minister of Planning and Presidential Adviser reporting directly to Saddam Hussain.

Between 1968 and 1977, as Minister of Planning and subsequently as Presidential Adviser, Dr. Hashim was responsible for a considerable amount of legislation and for the implementation of economic programs. Dr. Hashim was also Chairman of the Second Session of U.N. Economic Commission for Western Asia (ECWA).

Upon nomination by the Iraqi government, Dr. Hashim was elected founding President of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), a post which he kept for five years, from May 1977 to May 1982, whilst continuing as Saddam’s adviser. During his term of office as President of the AMF, Dr. Hashim was instrumental in initiating the establishment of INVESTCORP -- a unique financial entity. (See: INVESTCORP - The True Story Behind Its Creation)

Dr. Hashim’s personal relationship with Saddam Hussain had deteriorated since early 1980, after Saddam executed few members of his wife’s family amongst which was Mohamed Baqir Al-Sadir and his sister Amina Bint Al-Huda. Hence, in May 1982, Dr. Hashim defected to Canada with his wife and two sons, where they obtained Canadian citizenship.

Dr. Hashim was a member of The Group of Thirty (G3O), the Group of International and Monetary Affairs (Rockefeller Foundation, New York) for five years between 1978 and 1983; a member of the Study Group on Energy and World Economy, New York; and a member of the United Nations (UNITAR) Panel of Eminent Persons, for four years until 1984.

Between 1972 and 2003, Dr. Hashim wrote and published books on various subjects, amongst which, National Accounts (1972); Capital Formations in Iraq (1974 and 1990); Science, Technology and Industrial Development (1976). In addition, he has published numerous articles on various subjects: OPEC, Exchange Rates, International Finance, etc. .

In 2003, Dr. Hashim published his political-memoirs on his years with Saddam Hussain and Iraqi politics covering the period 1967-2000.

During the Gulf Crisis, Dr. Hashim advised the American and Canadian governments and some of his recommendations in this respect are now part of the U.S. Congressional Record (which can also be viewed on this site - "The Shape Of Post-Gulf War").



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